We’d like to focus on the topic of powering your electronics – specifically when it comes to using power strips and surge protectors. For now, let’s talk about surge protectors.

Surge protectors are a very important factor when it comes to keeping your valuable electronics working properly. Let’s say, for example, that you spent thousands of dollars on a home entertainment system. A single power surge or spike could significantly damage every part of the system in mere seconds. However, installing proper surge protection could prevent that damage from happening.

You can get surge protection in a variety of forms. There’s whole-home surge protection, which is a great idea but requires installation by a licensed electrician. There are also power strips and standalone surge protectors that are a bit more common. You may even want to run some combination of the above. If you have surge protectors in your home, it’s important to inspect and/or replace them every two years or so, since they degrade over time.

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